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What does this Valentine’s Day mean to you? Set the commercial aspect aside, will you focus on one area of your romantic relationship this February? Take 10 minutes and brainstorm new ways you can connect with your partner; either surprise them with these actions or communicate your ideas.

If you are waiting to still meet your special Valentine focus on what you can do for yourself, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Or, maybe you want to practice your art of flirting.

Are you sure you know what flirting actually is and how to recognize someone is flirting with you?

How to Recognize Flirting?

In western culture, explicitly expressing sexual interest in someone is considered inappropriate and unacceptable. But that’s why we have flirting as an appropriate tool to express we’re interested in someone. Flirting is a good way to show someone we see them as a potential sexual and romantic partner. Also, flirting is fun, and if done playfully, without any greater intentions, it often feels very good and boosts your confidence. But how to recognize if someone is flirting with you?

Firstly and most importantly, pay attention to body language. If someone is trying to get closer to you physically or touching you often, it might be a sign of flirting. Also, if someone is drawing attention to some parts of their body they find attractive, it can also mean they’re flirting with you. However, it is easy to misinterpret the signs of flirting. Thus, be careful to not exaggerate the situation and overinterpret the other person’s behaviour, as that can lead to misunderstandings and awkward situations.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually not. Here are 10 signs she’s flirting with you, so that can help you recognize if she is interested in you. She…

  1. smiles
  2. keeps walking by
  3. draws attention to her mouth
  4. isolates herself
  5. mimics your body movements
  6. touches you
  7. makes eye contact
  8. renters your personal space
  9. approaches you to talk
  10. plays with her hair

In person, body language, eye contact, text messages, Facebook, kind words, pictures, gestures, smiles, laughs and tickles… how are you showing love this February?



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