At Real Life Counselling, we help you speak up about your mental health struggles and provide you with a non-judgmental, open, and free space to overcome them. Work with trained professionals to help you and your partner (LGBTQIA2S+) gain clarity and move forward in a more loving, committed, romantic relationship. 💚

Mental Health & Therapy is Changing

More Millennials than ever are choosing therapy

According to WSJ, more adults in 20-30s now seek mental health therapy, breaking the stigma around it.

Online Mental Health Counselling is as effective as an in-person visit

More than 92% of our clients now prefer online mode of counselling and find it just as comfortable, safe and productive.

Easily cover your therapy costs with your health insurance plan

We work with a large network of health insurance providers to make paying for your therapy easy and accessible.

Peace-of-Mind Insurance Coverage

Many Ways We Help You

Personal Development

Individual Counselling
Anxiety Counselling
Depression Counselling
Grief/Loss Counselling

Professional Development

Work & Career Counselling
Executive Counselling
Life Coaching
Stress Management Counselling

Relationship Development

Couples Counselling
Fertility Counselling
Marriage Counselling
Family Counselling

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