Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples is an intervention based on the scientific study of adult love and bonding


EFT Therapy helps couples with:

  • Getting out of negative cyclescouples counselling mississauga
  • Understanding the ‘dance’ that can take over your relationship
  • Naming your ‘dance’
  • Help you reconnect with the instinctual process of attachment and closeness
  • Understanding more of the ‘music’ behind your emotions
  • Learn to accept your experience as well as your partner’s
  • ….. and more.


In EFT, we look at the negative cycle that the couple is stuck in. We learn to recognize it, name it, and understand the deeper desire. At that point, we can start to change it by attending to the real emotional needs of each person. The couple then learns how to respond to each other in a way that tunes into themselves and each other in a meaningful way. In doing so, they create a positive cycle (experience) between the two of them.


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