Do you feel like the stress in your life is like pushing a boulder?

Learn stress management techniques.

Stress is a reaction we all experience when we feel challenged and under pressure in our daily lives.

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes, little amounts of stress can give us a burst of extra energy and focus and help us rise up to a challenge.

  • But what if we are stressed much more often than we’d like to be?
  • What if we are experiencing so many stressful situations (or even a single big one) that we feel overwhelmed?
  • What if we feel like the pressures and challenges we are facing are just too much?

Long-term stress drains our energy and motivation, and negatively impacts our mental and physical health. Thus, it is important to make sure we know our limits and learn how to manage stress in a healthy way.


This is where stress management counselling can help.


Stress management is an important set of skills we should all have in our mental health toolbox.
Stress management counselling can help you develop these skills and decrease stress in your life through several steps:


  • Understanding your sources of stress, what usually triggers it
  • Realizing how it manifests in your life
  • Learning new ways and developing more effective strategies to reduce stress that work for you personally
  • Identifying and utilizing your personal strengths to efficiently cope
  • Accessing and modifying how you think about stressful situations


Stress management counselling is focused on tackling stress in a structured way and helping you develop stress management skills, leading you to feel more resilient and empowered when facing challenges.
Whatever the source of stress in your life is, it is possible to learn healthy ways to cope with it and prevent it from dominating your life.

stress management counselling vancouver
stress management counselling vancouver
stress management counselling vancouver

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