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Corporate Lunch N Learn Programs or Corporate Wellness Workshops


have long been an employee and management development method used by organizations to increase awareness and provide employees with great development opportunities.

We believe the key to a strong and successful organization is having healthy and efficient employees that are well informed about preventative well-being.

With our workshops, that is exactly what we strive to achieve – to foster learning and growth and encourage individuals to develop skills that will:

  • drive personal and professional development
  • decrease levels of stress
  • motivate them to deliver better results in the workplace
  • increase work-life satisfaction.


We offer a wide variety of on-site and virtual programs depending on the individual needs of the company.


Our workshops are designed and written by professionals — specialists in personal development — to assure that you receive focused and effective training. Covered topics are intended to be a brief overview of a subject with an emphasis on providing tips and suggestions related to different behavioural situations and changes.

Personal Development/Work-Life Workshops:

  • Time Management, Achieving More in Less Time
  • Healthy Living with Mindfulness
  • Effective Communication
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence through the Profile Evaluation System (PES)*

A minimum of 15 days is requested for scheduling sessions to ensure the training date is available and to secure the most qualified facilitator for the selected topic. Further, to ensure the highest level of participation in a session, a minimum of 8 participants is required. Additionally, a maximum of 25-30 participants is recommended.

Our workshops have been rated 97% satisfaction by our clients,
and 100% of our clients would recommend our workshops to a colleague.


If you’re interested in requesting Lunch N Learns for your organization, please click the button below and fill the registration form.


Let’s build a healthier, happier, more successful workplace together.