The Dalai Lama once said “the purpose of our lives is to be happy”.

life coaching mississauga

Life coaching is a process of helping individuals set and achieve personal goals.

We all have the potential to achieve personal happiness, success and fulfillment. But very few, if any of us, can do so without guidance, encouragement, and support from others. How fulfilling is your life?

Together, we take a holistic view of your life to assess where you from a “bio/psycho/social” model. This means, we evaluate where you are and where you want to be with your physical health, mental health, and social well-being.

Personal development services are one of the fastest growing areas of modern times. With the rapid rate of change and the rise of emotional intelligence rather than technical competence becoming increasingly important determinants of success, more and more individuals are investing in their personal development and using life coaching services.

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For a more advanced life coaching program, please read more about the Effective Personal Leadership program with our partner company LMI Canada Inc.

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