Are you an Executive struggling with burn-out? Overwhelm? Loneliness?

Executive Counselling can help you find solace in knowing you have someone to talk to, in confidence.


Executive counselling provides an opportunity to confidentially address concerns that are affecting your business or corporate life, as well as any impact on your personal life.

At times you may feel that you cannot share your concerns, problems, or anxieties with your colleagues or subordinates because of a sense of vulnerability, or the concern that it may damage your image in the organization or your career progress. It helps to have a safe place to talk about your pressing issues. This is especially important if you are feeling isolated in your organizational hierarchy. Although on the surface you may appear to be a model for the company, inwardly you may be experiencing deep emotion and despair. Feelings of burnout are often very common in “Type-A” personalities, or those with high motivational drive.

Partners and friends seldom understand the intricate processes of the management structure or the tasks at hand, and probably do not have the expertise to support you in taking the right course of action.

In order to successfully meet and transcend the stressors often encountered in business and professional roles, individuals need to establish a repertoire of adaptive coping strategies designed to meet and effectively manage their stress.

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