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Reaching Out For Counselling Can Be Hard, We Know.

It takes courage to reach out. It takes acknowledgement there’s something going on in your life you’re not satisfied or happy with, or want to make some changes on. Remember, you’re not alone. We work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds:


Actors, Service Industry Professionals, Public Figures, Musicians, Business Owners, Executives, Servers…the list goes on. The commonality: we are all human.

Next Steps

Great job! You’re now on the road to getting started. One of us will be in touch with you to explore more about what you’re looking for from counselling, and to help you find the best fit with your therapist (the fit is one of the most important parts of counselling!). Once you’re happy with the plan, you’ll get registered for counselling and your therapist will be in touch.

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