keys to a long life

Most of us want to live as long as possible, right? But what are the keys to a long life? Is it not to stress so much? Is it to be positive? Or, is it to stop working too hard and focus on other aspects of your life? All these sound intuitive and reasonable, but the reality might not be what we expect it to be. As it turns out, the keys to a long life might be just the opposite of all mentioned. What?!

Well, a 20-year long Riverside study on the University of California had a mission to discover what is that that predicts someone will live a happy, long life, and came with some surprising results. For instance, people who were most devoted to their jobs lived the longest. Another example – people who were more cheerful and laid-back actually, on average, had shorter lives compared to people less cheerful and humorous. One possible explanation is that people who are laid-back and not continually productive in their job are also laid-back when it comes to their health; maybe too much. They are maybe more careless about their health and have more risky behaviors than responsible, “serious” individuals.

But what does affect the longevity of life then? Dr. Friedman, one of the authors of the study, says:

 “Probably our most amazing finding was that personality characteristics and social relations from childhood can predict one’s risk of dying decades later”

The study came to many more interesting findings of keys to a long life, and you can read it all here:

Being positive and cheerful is a great thing, as long as you stay responsible to your health. So eat that apple and smile!


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