brain hemisphere

So here is a little task: sit down for a moment and think about yourself. Specifically, think about the way you reason and solve problems. How do you react when faced with an issue you have to solve? Do you approach things methodically, or you tend to see them as a totality and have a holistic approach? It turns out that answers to all these questions lie in the way you use your brain. Precisely, it depends on the brain hemisphere you’re dominantly using.

Brain Hemisphere Dominance

Generally speaking, left-dominant people tend to be logical, methodical, practical. They are organized and analytical, often described as “smart” if we look at intelligence in a stereotypical way. On the other hand, right-dominant people use intuition and emotions in their judgment more. Thanks to their – how left-dominant would describe it – sometimes irregular or random approach to things, they are innovative and creative. Others see them as playful, spontaneous and artistic.

What side of the brain do you think you use more? If you’re not sure, take the test to see what side of your brain is more dominant! Also, after taking the test, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your own brain. Enjoy!

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