cell phone radiation

You might have heard different facts about the negative effect of cell phones on your health. Well, the majority of them are probably true. But did you know that putting away your phone is good for your bones? It might seem silly, but it’s true – cell phone radiation and the electromagnetic field they omit can affect the strength of your bones.

One study looked at bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC) in the hipbones of healthy male adults. Half of the participants were mobile nonusers, while the other half were wearing their phones close to their hips daily for almost a year. Results showed that BMD and BMC of males who regularly carried their phones were significantly lower in their hips compared to nonusers. This loss of bone strength might be the effect of cell phone radiation, scientists conclude. This is why we need to be careful when we’re using our mobile phones and any other technology. Even products such as Airpods and Wi-fi can have lasting effects on our health. We are a generation that relies on technology, so we need to do as much research into the dangers of mobile phones, as we possibly can. It’s all about health and safety and this has to come first no matter what!

In conclusion, putting away your phone is a good idea. Will you remember to do it?


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