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Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) /Rehabilitation Counselling Services

Motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries or exposure to a traumatic event can result in psychological difficulties that affect your ability to function.

The purpose of rehabilitation services psychology is to support you through your recovery process by:

  • Pinpointing the effects of injury or trauma through assessment
  • Developing a treatment plan to guide the course of therapy
  • Assisting you with re-entry to employment and normal living activities

Counselling and Psychotherapy can assist you with:

  • Managing chronic pain, depression and anxiety
  • Overcoming panic attacks, sleep disturbances, trauma and flashbacks
  • Understanding the emotional impact of pain
  • Resolving your fear and driving with confidence again
  • Rebuilding your self esteem and returning to work
  • Coping with an acquired brain injury
  • Adjusting to life after an accident

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