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music and your personality

Do you like relaxing with classical music or you’re more into rocking your body to some pop/rock beats? Perhaps there’s more to the beats that move our feet. Maybe there’s a connection between music and your personality. Does our music style compliment our personalities? Or, does our personality reveal our taste in music? It turns out that scientist maybe found an answer to these interesting questions.

Your Taste in Music and Your Personality are Connected

One research has found that your taste in music tells a great deal about your personality and allows some remarkably accurate predictions. Authors of the study assume that lyrics and rhythm of person’s top 10 favorite songs hide clues about their creativity, extroversion, open-mindedness and other traits. For example, they claim that individuals who prefer classical music and jazz have above-average IQ. On the other hand, people often describe those who enjoy opera as “drama queens”. Further, listeners of heavy-metal and gangsta rap are often introverts, while extroverts prefer music with a heavy bass line.

Another study revealed there’s a connection between personality type and music preference. For example, analytical personality type tends to listen to rock and classical music, while explorers are more drawn to electronica and hip-hop. Read the whole analysis here: Have you found yourself? Is it accurate?

So, next time you ask someone: “What kind of music do you like?”, you might understand them a little more. Or yourself.



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