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How to bake a cake? Google it. What is a net-worth of some celebrity? Google it. Any statistical data, any solution for a concrete problem? Google it. Bur where and how to find yourself? Errr… there is no algorithm for that. Which does not mean Google can’t help with that too.

“Search Inside Yourself”

Google recently launched a free emotional-intelligence training called “Search Inside Yourself”. It is a mindfulness-based program that teaches Google employees practical ways to implement mindfulness into their work lives. In accordance, three basic skills that this useful, business-friendly training is covering are attention, self-knowledge (and self-mastery) and useful mental habits. The training received great reviews and woke up lots of interest which made this program one of the most demanding among Google employees.

One of the employees who took the course says:

 “I’m definitely much more resilient as a leader,” he says. “I listen more carefully and with less reactivity in high-stakes meetings. I work with a lot of senior executives who can be very demanding, but that doesn’t faze me anymore. It’s almost an emotional and mental bank account; I’ve now got much more of a buffer there.”

More details about the course and its creator here:

My personal opinion on this particular program is that it’s a fantastic way to motivate employees and make a positive working environment. Since it’s based on mindfulness, it can help people create the calm head-space, which will lead to more relaxed, collaborative and warm climate in the workplace. Great job Google!

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