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Holidays are such a beautiful time of the year. For some. For others, the holiday season is a stressful time of the year loaded with anxiety. If you are among these “others”, here are 4 ways you can help yourself to overcome holiday anxiety.

1. What’s making you anxious?

Brainstorm ahead of time specific situations or scenarios that bring about the most anxiety during the holidays. Finances? Pressures for perfect get-together’s? Underlying tensions with certain family members? Come up with 2 ideas on how you can alleviate some of the worries ahead of time – knowing ahead of time some solutions to your problems will ease some of your anxieties. Perhaps try some self-help rituals like taking a bath, reading a book, or looking on sites like to dabble with some edibles. Test out a range of activities and products to see which is best suited to you with helping you chill this holiday season.

2. Perfect at pleasing?

It’s not always necessary to make the holidays ‘perfect.’ Try letting go and remembering why the holidays are important – not necessarily for the presents and the presentation, but more for the company of those important in our lives.

3. Ask for help!

This is the season for all to enjoy, therefore, it’s okay to ask for help. For some, this can be by getting a louisiana medical marijuana card, to help regulate the anxiety for the short or long term. For others, it can be more literal towards getting everything ready. By delegating some of the responsibilities others will feel like they’re apart of the process, and when there’s teamwork involved, the team members feel needed and important.

4. Be happy

As simple as it sounds, live for the present. Be happy with what you have, and what’s around you. Step back, look around you, and smile. Grab a glass of wine, perhaps add some CBD isolate from sites like buymellow, and relax. Enjoy yourself! Sharing your smile will light up the room and give others a sense of positivity.

Happy Holidays!

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