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increase positivity

Okay, we all know people who walk around saying the glass is half empty. The doom and gloom type, those who find it difficult to find a glimpse of sunshine in their day. Life happens, and life is hard, trust me, I understand. But imagine the power of switching those inner thoughts and feelings around to something that puts a smile on your face.

Stop for a minute.

In this very moment, as you read these words, what are you thinking about?

Put that thought aside and focus on your lips. Keep your mouth closed, lips relaxed, and breath consistent. Now, think of a time, place, person, smell, taste, sound, thought that has brought joy to your life. Focus on that thought. As you concentrate further on this memory stretch your mouth into a smile. Make it a bigger smile.

How do you feel?

Increasing our positive emotions little by little isn’t always an easy and natural experience. In fact, it can be quite difficult at times. But, there are countless things you can start incorporating in your life to improve your state of mind.

What You Can Do to Increase Positivity:

  1. Watch a funny movie and laugh
  2. Write down 5 good things that happened to you today
  3. Engage in an activity or hobby that brings you joy
  4. Have fun and talk with friends
  5. Read an inspiring book
  6. Play board games instead of watching television
  7. Start practicing meditation
  8. Doing random acts of kindness
  9. Count your blessings
  10. Exercise

Do what you can today to start experiencing more positive emotions. Even a mediocre increase can be helpful in the long-run. Litlle by little, and you’ll eventually get to the point where choosing to positively affirm is not hard anymore. Even opposite, it will become a natural flow of thoughts, something you don’t even think about. It just needs a little effort every day. Start today.


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